Heading to Scotland In My Landscape Photography Truck

November 04, 2012  •  2 Comments

Shortly I leave for a 8 day photography trip to the highlands of Scotland.

My girlfriend is working in Jerusalem so whilst she is away I decided to head out on a good long trip.

Previously I've stayed in hotels, the trouble is not many are set up for checking out at 5am ready for a sunrise shoot. As such I had to think out of the box.

A quick look on ebay and Pistonheads showed that I could buy a Subaru Forester quite cheaply. The seed of an idea of making a photography vehicle was planted in my mind. From there it spiralled out of control! Speaking to my friendly MOT tester I asked if he would fit extra lamps, power etc to such a car. He asked why I was going for a Forester, I replied that I could get one quite cheaply, he said I could buy his Isuzu Trooper long wheelbase cheaply.

Since that conversation the car has developed into a bespoke landscape photography truck. 

As it stands the car has the following features;


  • Winter tyres - a set of Hankooks, I swear by winter tyres, even without snow on the ground they work much better in cold conditions than summer tyres. Thanks to Ian at Ian Brown Tyres in Malton for helping with these
  • Roofrack - extra storage plus mounting options for extra equipment
  • Bluetooth handsfree
  • Front mounted spotlights - a set of the same lights WRC cars use! Set up with dipped and main beam options, they turn night into day!
  • Worklights - one each side and two at the back of the truck, flood the area with light, ideal for packing up gear, and for camping
  • Inverter - allows me to use 240V electrical items. I will be able to run my Macbook Pro to edit on site
  • CB Radio - a backup communication system as a lot of the places I go don't have mobile signals
  • Bull bar - in case of deer strikes on country roads, plus mounting point for spotlights
  • CD player with iPod compatibility - again a lot of places I go there is minimal radio signal so iPod for tunes
  • Awning - somewhere dry to cook, sit outside
  • 12v Shower - you've got to keep clean, even when camping!
  • Biolite stove  - cooking stove which also generates electricity to charge phone batteries etc
  • Insulated windows - I used foil loft insulation to coat the windows in the rear to keep warmth in and offer security
  • LED lighting in the rear for reading at night without flattening the car battery
  • Carbon Monoxide detector and smoke detector - a bit of overkill but since I am living in the car I thought it prudent
  • Airbed - comfort for sleeping
  • American Army Modular Sleep System - a 3 stage sleeping bag which is meant to be rated down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weather station with trend and outdoor temperature gauge - warning of severe weather coming


Having built the truck up over the past few weeks (my thanks to my MOT Tester and friend Andy at Andrew Seagust in Malton) I spent this weekend running it and refining it and am now happy enough that tomorrow I'm heading to Scotland in it!

I'm conscious that I've not got any photos of the truck yet, I'll try and sort that out ASAP.


Andy Keeble(non-registered)

I have a 57 plate Subaru Forester 2.5xtn (30k on the clock) and its a belter of a car. It has some upgrades to both engine and exhaust and is a boy racer killer but very much a wolf in sheeps clothing!
Obviously it doesn't have the facilities you have in your Isuzu but it makes for a very comfy, roomy and blisteringly quick estate car and I wouldn't part with it at any cost.

Take care mate and keep up with your excellent photography.

Andy Redhead(non-registered)
Hi Mark, got any pics of this beast? I have been weighing up the pros and cons of buying a VW camper until I saw this post. The idea you have of a forester looks like a cheaper alternative, Im curious as to how 'snug' your air bed and sleeping bag fit in it. I have a VW touran company car at the minute, stayed overnight a couple of times for early sunrise shots but its a pain in the ass in terms of lack of space. Im up in the north aswell so may need to hire your MOT friend for any retro-fitting.


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