I have had a good look at the majority of your photos and I'm gobsmacked by their beauty! Perhaps because I come from the North as well The North York Moors are only a ten minute drive from my Mum's house:) Really great work,keep em comming :)
vince neale(non-registered)
As a graduate of Bradford University (from London now living in Orange County Ca) I enjoyed your beautiful shots of Yorks. and also enjoyed reading your Scotland blog. One of my favourite places in England is N Yorkshire so you are very lucky to be able to shoot there in all weathers.
Jim Ritchie(non-registered)
Hi mark
Your shot "sunrise on the rocks" is stunning Love the reflections you always seem to be in the right place at the right time I take it you do your research first before venturing out great stuff keep it up cause your a inspiration as to what can be done with a little effort
Jake Turner (JakeT1992 on TP)(non-registered)
Hi Mark,

I've just had a look through your entire site, and there are so many wonderful landscape images on here. Big inspiration to a fairly new landscape togger like myself. Keep up the good work as it is a pleasure to look at on a bleak day like today!

Richard Sinclair(non-registered)
immediately transported to the middle of each photograph, amazing.
James Mckie(non-registered)
A Gente Soul Witnessing the Profound
Wendy Cook(non-registered)
Amazing photographs. Wish I could own them all! A great talent.
Peter Cleevely GCF(non-registered)
Stunning pic's.....
Would very much like to sell them in my Art Gallery in Bedfordshire.
Karl Williams Photography
Saw your contribution to the latest WEX blog at http://blog.wexphotographic.com/10-tips-for-improving-your-landscape-photography/ Your "reconnaissance" workflow bears a very strong resemblance to mine - great minds think alike!
Just thought I'd pop over and have a look at your website - I'm impressed with your landscapes!
Anna Fincher(non-registered)
Oops, I actually have two websites: www.everythingfluffy.com and flickr.com/photos/everythingfluffphoto, not one that combines them both.
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